Wednesday, January 28, 2009

NAMM 2009

Got back from NAMM a couple of weeks ago. First off I have to thank Keith Miller ( for hooking up the passes this year. Check out his website, he is an amazing player and an awesome dude. BTW-For those that don't know, I play rhythm guitar in his band.

This year I did a lot more stargazing than I normally do. The past 2 years have been more about gear. But in reality not that much stuff comes out from year to year. So after seeing the bulk of it you can browse a bit more and just check out the new stuff.

Also on Friday and Saturday it is the busiest. So you don't really have the opportunity to try a lot of stuff. Thursday and Sunday are really the days to go for gear. Friday and Saturday for stars.

But as always, I saw a lot of awesome players, and some great bands. Also lots of gear that I want:

  • The new Madison amps sound pretty good.
  • ENGL has a new combo that looks sweet.
  • Mesa is releasing their Mark V which soundeds awesome.
  • AXL bought the VHT name and their amps are way overpriced.
  • The Giannini 7-String classical guitars really look sweet. They are soft sounding but where hard to hear in all the fuss.
  • Lots of new signature lines from various guitar companies. Eh, I can't afford any of them anyway. Especially since I take a cheapy and make it play awesome.
  • Carvin is releasing the Steve Vai Legacy II amplifier which sounds sweet. Also they have a new bass amp that puts out 500Watts, weighs 5lbs, and is $500. Sweet! Their new line of PA amps go up to 3800Watts and only weight 16lbs.
  • Steven Slate Drums 3.0 looks and sounds absolutely awesome! I am really excited to get my hands on that.
  • Tube Grinder released a vacuum tube replacement that is not a vacuum tube. It is a solid state device that can be tuned to act like a tube. Awesome idea, but not $139 awesome. Especially compared to $12 for a real tube.
  • Peavey is releasing their 6505+ 1x12 combo which sounds awesome. Also their Vypyr tube series is ready to go with "no bugs!" At least according to an engineer. Apparently, the first set were the pilot run that marketing pushed through. Well those folks in marketing don't work for them anymore.

Anyway I am sure there is more I am forgetting. I still checked out a lot of stuff. I especially hit a lot of parts manufacturers and such as well.

But here are some pictures:

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