Monday, September 22, 2014

Prepare Yourself! Carrion Kind, Yar, Savage Wizdom, and Salt for Knives!

Wow it has been absolutely crazy the past few months. Also been a really long time since I last posted any sort of news. So much has happened. I had to move to a new house and start building a studio from scratch again. This time I own the damn place so I hope to not have to move again for a while. Every move just seems to hold everything back.

Since I have been still working and spearheading Kronos Creative, the live sound gigs have really been coming on strong.  So there have been some big investments in PA Equipment to handle just about any medium sized gig!

Oh yeah and read about me in the Santa Fe Reporter:

On the studio front, there have been 4 releases that I have had my hand in!

Carrion Kind - The Collapse of All to Come - My own band.  About a year in the making. I did all the tracking and producing. But after pulling my hair out mixing, I hired Dave Otero - to do the mixing and mastering.  Came out so sick!

Savage Wizdom - A New Beginning - A year of tracking and handed off mixing to Mike Apodaca.  He did an excellent job and I am glad he was able to do it.  As much as I love mixing, there was just too much turmoil in my life to handle it.

But... not to sweat, I am back in the mixing seat so check out these two bands:

Salt for Knives - Conglomerate of Misery - Was a couple years in the making with my good friend Frank Green.  He put together some killer songs that just had to be released. I programmed drums, played bass, and produced/mixed/mastered.  Really happy with the outcome!

Yar - Yar Demo - This is a new thrash band about to be unleashed on Santa Fe.  Tracked drums at their rehearsal space with a mobile rig. Did overdubs at my new place.  They did an awesome job and I had a ton of fun working on this project.  Keep an eye out for them, lots of great things coming!

So as of now, I guess I am back open for business!

Ready to handle whatever projects may come my way.   I can also handle small or large CD Duplication now with some awesome pricing and any packaging you can dream of.    I guess these days I am also an official part of Entelodon Records doing whatever I can to grow the scene!

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