Thursday, September 23, 2010

GSP1101 Impulse Testing with 5150 Model

Well just in case you hadn't heard, the C55 Beta Firmware was released for the Digitech GSP1101 on If you haven't tried the beta firmware yet, DO IT. It adds so many features to the GSP1101. Stan, as he calls himself, has been a lifesaver to the GSP1101 and I hope that Digitech takes notice of how customer service and product support should work.

There have been tons of additional features. The C48 and previous added a 5150 model for high gain, plus a bunch others. C55 adds more flexible routing like a compressor in the loop, pre/post FX, etc.

The most notable new feature is the ability to load up to 10 Impulse Response cabinets. Personally I feel the stock cabinet modeling is the weakness of most modelers, GSP1101 included.

The downside to the GSP1101 Impulse Response loading is that it can only load the first 128 "taps" due to memory restrictions. This test is to see how much it affects the tone.

The Impulse I used is one I made with my ENGL Powerball for the Impulse vs. Mic Test. But to put things into perspective, I also used S-PresHigh by Catharsis. Then to test the modeling, I also ran the Nick Crow 8505 through both impulses.

Guitar is a Schecter A-7 7-String with Seymour Duncan Jazz Pickups Reamped through an Edcor Transformer. DI was cut with my LineDriver/Buffer box.

Drums are Steven Slate, Bass is a Lakland through Guitar Rig 4 and a limiter. Master bus has T-Racks Linear Phase EQ just rolling off the rumbly low end and then Steven Slate's FG-X for level.

Guitars have ZERO PROCESSING on them. These are just raw, lots of issues of course with low end rumble and high end fizz. For impulses a high and low-pass are essential, but I wanted to give the raw sound. I did do my best to match levels.

The GSP1101 settings are an 808 low drive, high volume, tone around 70% into the 5150II model set flat with gain around 70%.

Nick Crow 8505 Settings are Flat with gain around 70% with BTE's TS Secret boosting with the same settings as the GSP1101.

Impulse was made with an ENGL Powerball into and ENGL V412 with Celestion Vintage 30's. Single SM57 through an ACMP-73 chinese N*eve clone.

Special thanks to LePou's LeCab, Nick Crow's 8505 Amp Simluator and BTE Audio TS Secret.

So here is the order of the clip:

  • GSP1101 -> Powerball Impulse 128 Taps into GSP1101
  • GSP1101 -> Powerball Impulse using LeCab
  • GSP1101 -> Catharsis S-PresHigh using LeCab
  • Nick Crow 8505 -> Catharsis S-PresHigh using LeCab
  • Nick Crow 8505 -> Powerball Impulse using LeCab
  • GSP1101 -> Vintage 4x12 Stock Cab Sim



Obviously some big differences! It is almost like GSP1101 is tuned for the Powerball Impulses and the 8505 for the Catharsis ones.

I tried other impulses from Catharsis, Alu, and Recabinet loaded into the GSP1101. They sounded really hollow and generally bad. I didn't spend a ton of time with it, but that is definitely something to consider. I bet it has something to do with the length or the impulses not being cut at zero. But I do like the improvement of sound with my own, which is what I care about.

Right now, the GSP1101 will continue to be in my Live Rig since I think it sounds great there. Been GAS'ing for an AxeFX, but the price just scares me. I like the processors for live work and for writing scratch tracks, but it would be sweet to have keeper tracks or at least better sounding tracks.

By popular demand, here is the The Powerball Impulse I used.


DarĂ­o said...

I like GSP1101 -> Powerball Impulse 128 Taps into GSP1101

THats the better sounding to me.


Fixxxer said...

Definitely the Powerball Impulse 128! Killer tone! I've had a POD HD500 for a whiel and never on earth I could achieve these tones, i threw every kinde of IR on the FBall Model on the HD buth alas! The GSP1101 with C63 is just unbelievable with custom IR's!

Great stuff!

Allen Gagle said...

I was under the impression this unit (even with mustbeta) could only use CAB IRs and could not do any Amplifier modeling (outside of the preloaded 36 amp models), can you clarify this point for me? I have this unit and have only tried loading custom cabs so far. Thanks!