Thursday, April 8, 2010

Couple projects done and some updates.

Well it has been a while since I have had time to blog. But things are going pretty well in the Ortiz Audio side of things.

In January I finished up with Younger Brother. Straight up Rock and Roll that came out really well. It was a long haul with them, but the final product was worth it. There are samples on my site to hear for yourself. You can also find them on iTunes, Amazon, etc. Or you can get a disc off their website

Also finished up with Independent Progress. Started them in Feb. and was able to knock them out in month. Ty and I tried a new technique with these guys. Instead of doing DI's and re-amping, we built some awesome looking and sounding gobos. These allowed us to track them live and do overdubs on the spot.  It was definitely the way to go. Their album came out great!  You can grab their stuff off their website as well

Also check Independent Progress on tour over the next couple of weeks. For you NM folks, they will be hitting The Underground in Albuquerque on April 12th.  So check them out and say hello. They are cool dudes, so don't worry.

On the geeky side of things, I am checking out a new flash MP3 player for the site. Hopefully it will make things a bit smoother.  Also got some new card designs and maybe website ideas in the works.  Lots of stuff to post on, from new gear, to all sorts of fun things happening.

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